Saturday, September 01, 2007

There is a place

(Mumbles beach is one of the best beaches in Wales and we happened to stroll around where I thought of the following lines:)

There is a place,
It's neither Heaven nor Hell,
It's where life has the space,
To think of all it has to tell.
It's only a bench,
(When you think about it),
But it's still away from the stench,
And a simple place for you to sit.
If you have ears,
The waves can never be too loud,
And if you have eyes without fears,
The hills are never too proud.
And if you have neither but life within,
Instead, a silence and darkness all your own,
Remember the castle behind your skin,
And those things no one else has known.
Kane or Able,
Wireless or cable,
The world is your oyster and the universe your curry
The plants never have no rants,
Only an infinite breath,
And down below a world of ants,
Is too busy to think of death.
This place could only be on Earth,
This planet has got just the thing,
For it where things took birth,
Just so someone in the silence could sing.
This One might as well be You,
Someone has to do the tough jobs,
Singing is a fate of few,
But doors of perception still have their door-knobs.
I come here to mumble, you see,
I just came here to feel fine,
Who cares if the best things in life aren't free,
At least I made this throne all mine.

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