Monday, July 24, 2006

The Universe gets downsized

The day will come sooner or later,
Just a matter of time,
No place left for the Lover and the Hater,
When the sun reaches its prime.
Today is the darkest of days,
To make sense of the zoo,
But I’m only looking for ways,
Because I have a heart too.
I look at God in the eye,
And can tell that He’s just as tired,
Any time soon He’ll be saying goodbye,
And that we are all fired.
No more fast computers and smooth talk,
And certainly no more escapes,
No more gardens for us to walk,
And no more silk drapes.
Heaven has good customer service,
If you have this thing they call ‘soul’,
Hell will readily accept any vice,
And inhale everything into its hole.
Little girls that want dolls,
And little boys that want cars;
Grow up as women in shopping malls,
And sad men in happy bars.
And so the old Man is really upset,
Things don’t make any sense anymore,
His children use raincoats when wet,
And for love they use a whore.
He shakes His head in disbelief,
As he watches us watch porn,
He stalks us as we light the reef,
And mistakes us for the children of the corn.

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