Thursday, August 03, 2006


Blake on Ricki Lake,
Beneath his doppelganger they say he never brushed his teeth,
Stepping away to invent sunsets and
Stepping in to invent himself, but,
Only from time to time.

Orwell in a cell,
Another day with Big Brother,
The housemates are not happy with
The lack of alcohol, such totalitarian tales
Have been told before but belong in
Places where the mind never rises nor

Salinger with a minger,
Painting the town red and hiccups on
A love island, where all the love in the world that
He wished is there and yet no
To love.

Pound chased by a bloodhound,
Maddened by too long a
Dream and now only
Sitting, hoping, waiting
For a push or a pull,
God knows which.

Shakespeare at a premiere,
Shaking hands with Di Caprio,
Saying, “loved your work in Football Diaries
But you make a shitty Romeo” and then
Smoking a Marlboro.

Wilde gone wild,
Surfing gay porn on the internet and
Listening to WHAM in leather pants,
Telling Dorian to go fuck himself before he
Gives him a hand.

Me, and yes, me
These nightmares while I sleep
Marquee in my head till I wake up
And dream that perhaps these mares
won't follow me into the day
but then,
they don't have afternoon-television for

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