Friday, August 24, 2007

Profits and Profits

0 my God
And yours as well,
Which 1 is the fraud?
Only time will tell,
But when 2 gets 2 much 2 take,
Is there space enough for 3?
A crowd can be a company if you make,
The effort to see if you can see.
For then everything opens like never b4,
And, you see, everyone is really harmless,
I can’t believe someone is keeping score,
Rather than sort out the mess.
And I can’t believe 5 is alive,
Until the blackboard showed its tricks,
My gain is your deprive,
And makes room for 666,
And Hell or Heaven,
No matter where we go,
You always have 7,
Watching the show,
And the gates are always open,
To everyone in the city,
But before you collect your token,
Remember 8 is vertical infinity.
9 is last but not the least,
It is where things must rewind to 0,
But before you kill Earth and join the beast,
Don’t forget you could always be the Hero.

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