Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Voices without Choices

Steely eyes, steely eyes, where've you been?
In you I see the whole of creation,
Your train of thought no one has seen,
Will it ever stop at a station?

A single word from your soft tongue,
Is the one that reaches His throne,
Many a satisfied voices have sung,
Only to get His answer-phone.

And so I pray, to you, I pray
Never welcome tears into your heart,
For they are jackals that will feed and stay,
And tear the poor thing apart.

I think today I’ll just relax in luxurious leather,
And kick back and have M&S exotic food,
Have champagne and wonder whether,
I can better my mood.

All the Sky© I ever watch,
Is the one dawning on my television screen,
So I take a sip from my scotch,
Just another nut in this machine.

And the oil is getting thinner my son,
Don’t you watch the news?
The end has only just begun,
And I think I want a new pair of shoes.

Slaughter, slaughter everywhere,
Not a spot to think,
But no need to despair when I have Armani to wear,
And as for my wife, she’s got her mink.

Thinking of selling the tomorrows for pay
I put the yesterdays on sale,
And no one will buy this rotten today,
For it is the one most stale.

Anything for your filthy lucre,
Just don’t make me sell my dreams,
If you can give an inch from your acre,
I’ll leave you alone with your schemes.

For today is the stalest fruit,
In the stall of my spotty days,
Today no tune to play on the flute,
But tomorrow there may be some plays.

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